Sunday, March 16, 2014

                                      Hakeem  Olajuwon

            Hakeem is easily one of the top 5 centers of all time . He can hit the mid, knock down his free throws, and is unstoppable in the post . He is given the nickname the dream , because of his special post move. Here watch the video below to see what I'm talking about .

                                   MY THOUGHTS

                        I believe that Hakeem is the center to the game . Just because his dominates to game. Shaq was dominate but couldn't knock down his free throws. He was also pretty fast for a big man . He was just what you would want for a big man he played in the  NBA at the age of the age of 22 , so had time to prepare to make his NBA debut . HE was a loyal player and played for the rockets. He also won 2 championships.Therefore he is my favorite center in the NBA history.

                                  Question of the Week

                    Who is your favorite basketball player ?


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