Sunday, March 16, 2014

                                      Hakeem  Olajuwon

            Hakeem is easily one of the top 5 centers of all time . He can hit the mid, knock down his free throws, and is unstoppable in the post . He is given the nickname the dream , because of his special post move. Here watch the video below to see what I'm talking about .

                                   MY THOUGHTS

                        I believe that Hakeem is the center to the game . Just because his dominates to game. Shaq was dominate but couldn't knock down his free throws. He was also pretty fast for a big man . He was just what you would want for a big man he played in the  NBA at the age of the age of 22 , so had time to prepare to make his NBA debut . HE was a loyal player and played for the rockets. He also won 2 championships.Therefore he is my favorite center in the NBA history.

                                  Question of the Week

                    Who is your favorite basketball player ?


Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it okay Everyone Has Done it Before


                                             Is It Okay to Lie


         Everybody has lied at least once in their life time,when have you? Lying is when you tell a false statement ,purposely. Normally you are told to always say what you and your think, but in some cases you should lie to help the other person, so you don't get in trouble and to make someone feel better . Currently, there is an argument debating if you should be able to lie or not.

               You should be able to lie if you trying make someone feel better, like when ask if her outfit  looks nice. In your head you know it looks like a rainbow threw up on her , you to her and say it looks great and very colorful . She says thank you and kisses you on the forehead. However , if you were to say what you really thought then  you would be in for a long day . In this case lying helped you . 

         You should be able to lie if you are trying to help someone out, like when your friend makes a random noise in class and your teacher asked you who did it ,and you say I don't know . In this case  you get high from your friend and then you move to the rest of class. So you will benefit in 2 ways . With your friend and you will learn. So you have nothing to worry about . 

         Lastly when  you fail a test , and your parents ask you how you did , and say you aced  it. But if you say you bombed it , you would of got   the yelling of your life . Only in some situations shall you be able to lie .  But you should not make it a habit, because it can turn around and bite you. That won't be good


                          Therefore, after the the given reasons, to help someone ,to make someone feel better and to stay out of trouble, makes  you able to lie at certain times. So do you think it's okay to lie at certain times ?  Also you could ask others others the question . Then now other views about this could help get a better idea about this.  Comment your answer.

Sunday, March 2, 2014



                      I am very sporty myself , but there is a sport that I believe that should not be called a sport.   That is checkers , there is no way that checkers is a sport . I mean , there is no movement, beside your hands to move the pieces , but other wise you just sit. Also there is no teamwork, most sports involve that .  But don't get me wrong i love the game, but it can't be  considered a sport .


              Question of the Week 

                   Do you think checkers should be considered a sports? Why?


Monday, February 24, 2014

Dwayne Wade

                                    Dwyane Wade  

                                        Dwyane  Wade is one of the best shooting guards to ever set up to the NBA . He is as fast on of player as you will get . Wade received the nickname Flash because of his  speed . He was born on January 17,1982. He  is now 32 years old and has 3 rings . Also he is playing with the best basketball player on the planet LeBron James . Together they are one of the best duos in the basketball history. He is also a great shot blocker for is height . Although he is getting older  he stats have not changed that much,his thoughts are. He wants to be the second scorer for his team.


                   Question of the Week

       Do you like basketball? If you do who is your favorite basketball player and why?


Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Best Basketball Player of All Time

                                    Michael Jordan

                      Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY. However they moved to Wilmington,North Carolina before Michael's first birthday and made a basketball court in his backyard . Growing up wasn't easy for Michael , being the youngest out of his 4 siblings .  His parents were James and Deloris. Sadly, James was murdered near his new home in North Carolina.  As the years went on Michael started playing more sports . For example, Baseball and football. He took baseball the most serious out of all of the sports he played. In his sophomore year he tried out for the varsity team for basketball. He was only 5'9 at the time and was very skinny. He was booted out by a guy who was 6'8. Almost a foot taller than Michael. Some interesting facts about MJ was he retired twice from the the NBA . The first reason was to play baseball. But then he quit that and joined back to the NBA,and won 6 championships with the Bulls. Michael was drafted 3rd in the first round by the Bulls in 1984 . He was also given the nickname Air Jordan for his ability to stay in the air and do acrobatic layups and insane dunks . Next of are some awards won by MJ . 5 time NBA MVP, six time NBA champion . Won defensive player of the year , rookie of the year. 14 time all-star  and lastly he was a Hall of Famer. 

                   Famous      Michael Jordan Quotes 


                This quote was one of the most famous quotes from MJ . This was from all the times Jordan has missed the game winning shot,but he always tried , even though he failed . Trying was big in Michael' s mind . For, example all of his failed attempts at winning the game with only a few seconds in the game. But that didn't stop him from taking the shots he is known to take to this day . To this day Jordan has made some of the amazing game winning shots the world has ever seen.

                                   Question of the Week

        Who do you think the greatest basketball player of all time ? 
Comment who you think it is .

Friday, February 7, 2014

                                   Paul George 


                      Paul George is was one of the most improved basketball of all time to play in the NBA. Paul was born on May 2,1990 in Palmdale  California . He was drafted by the Pacers in 2010.He is there still to this day as a small forward. Paul George is a monster when he is about to dunk the basketball. He has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. He can do a windmill, 360 and many more. Also he has a great stroke for the 3 point line , he will make you pay if you leave him open. Lastly, for his great performance he gets paid 3.282 million dollars.            

                                                     My Thoughts 

                   There are not a lot of ways  to guard Paul . This is due to his ability to adjust to the defense . He can always find a way to score. Whether, driving or shooting or going into the post. However, Paul is a very under rated passer. The court vision he is blessed to has is amazing.   He can find his teammates any wear on the court . George is a fearless opponent. He is willing to guard some of the best basketball players in the world. For example, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. And he does a pretty good from them scoring of him. He is my 2nd  favorite basketball players that still plays today .


                                                      Question of the Week

            Go YouTube a watch some videos about Paul George and comment what you think about it.  


Thursday, February 6, 2014

                             Uncle Drew 

          Uncle drew is a really good commercial.they are trying sell Pepsi, but they make very creatively.They make a pro basketball dress up as an old man . He is doing some really good basketball moves against the younger bloods. He starts doing crazy dribble moves that will surely make  you fall, or in basketball terms "break ankles". Watch the video on YouTube  to see what I am talking about. You will be amazed . Truly amazed.

                                     My Thoughts 

           I think this commercial is a good way to get kids or people that like basketball attention . They will buy Pepsi, and then money will be made. I was a brilliant idea to feature Kyrie  Ivring the guy dressed up because he is famous through out the world . Also, I believe that Pepsi is better than Coka-Cola. How  about you ? Who every came up the idea must of been a basketball fan. In order to know who Kyrie is . He or she could perhaps been a Cleveland fan. That is where Ivring plays. This one of my favorite  commercials ever to be seen with my own eye

                                 Uncle Drew


      Uncle drew video

                             Question of the Week 

     Did you enjoy the video ? Also what do you like better  Coke or Pepsi ?